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Q: What is embalmer's wax, anyways?
A: It's a wax used during the embalming and preparation of a deceased individual to reshape or reconstruct features.

Q: Yea, but what's the comic about?
A: Anything I feel like writing about or drawing, actually. There's no real plot. Seeing how I'm an embalmer you can expect a lot of the comics to involve dead people and the funeral industry.

Q: Who, or what, is Zombie Kitty?
A: Zombie Kitty is the alter-ego of Josephine, the main character. When the horrifyingly ugly green cat-hat comes out, all bets are off. Zombie Kitty is generally unamused.

Q: So what's the funeral industry really like?
A: Funeral Quest. I shit you not. Anyone who tells you different is a damn dirty liar.

Q: The pointy things you navigate with... What're those?
A: You mean the buttons? *holds head in hands* The small "things" are needle injectors. They're used to drive bits of wire with pointy tacks on the end into the decedent's jawbone so I can wire their mouths shut. The big "things" are trocars. A trocar is what you drive to the grocery store when you live under a bridge and are easily fooled by goats.

Q: You can't fool me, Trolls ride bikes.
A: Ok, you got me. A trocar is a giant hollow needle about 36" long that's used to puncture organs and suck out excess fluids in the body cavities. It's kind of like liposuction, but more disgusting.

Q: What do maggots do when you pour cavity fluid on them?
A: The backstroke.

Q: What happens when you die alone?
A: Decomp recluse. Ewwwww.
Q: When it explodes, do skittles pour out?
A: By skittles you mean maggots, right?
Q: Sure.
A: Then, yes... skittles pour out.

Q: You're horrible! Dead babies are offensive!
A: And? Are you going to single-handedly keep babies from dying? It happens. It also happens to be funny sometimes.

Q: These comics aren't funny/don't make sense.
A: You're right, I fail as a comic artist. Because dead folks are hi-lar-ious.

Q: I'm bored. Will you go to the club with me?
A: Sure, why not.

Embalmers Wax is copyright 2008 by Josephine Reynolds.